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Pro Support Systems provides foot support to professionals from all over the world.  Our products are used by collegiate, professional and amateur athletes, electricians, teachers, union members, and all others who depend on their feet to get the job done. 

Pro Support Systems is proud to introduce its new & uniquely hand-crafted orthotic shoe insert. Our customized cast molded appliances are designed and manufactured by expert foot specialists and each orthotic is custom fit to provide the necessary support for each patient and athlete.

We are international Orthotics experts.  We travel around the world serving athletes and industry.  Union workers, professional and collegiate athletes as well as injured and rehabilitating patients are utilizing the Pro Support System for the treatment, management, and prevention of common lower extremity concerns.  Our solutions improve support and shock absorption capacity while reducing foot imbalance.

What makes Pro-Support Orthotics so unique is the highly technical combination of thermoplastic cast molded materials providing the ultimate in comfort, balance & support to achieve active and efficient foot control.

Take control of your movement.

DR. Simon Small


He practices locally, nationally, and worldwide making custom molded orthotics for the shoes of professional athletes- tennis, golf, NFL, and NBA players are among his patients. Through his company Pro Support Systems, established in 1988, Dr. Simon Small’s orthotic shoe devices have been used effectively in the treatment of deformities and imbalances of the feet. From high intensity athletes to industrial union workers, injured and rehabilitating patients are utilizing Dr. Simon Small’s orthotics for the treatment, management and prevention of lower extremity concerns to improve support, balance and shock absorption.

With the success of his custom molded orthotics and positive word-of-mouth, patients have now grown to include members of the NFL Alumni, NCAA Basketball and Baseball officials, Stan Smith Tennis Academy, the Emilio Sanchez Tennis Academy, and the Intercollegiate Tennis Association.

Dr. Small also travels all over the world, providing service to amateur and professional tennis and golf athletes at the U.S. Open and Wimbledon- as well as various other competitions and tournaments throughout the year, including the Easter Bowl and Copper Bowl. Dr. Small also has decades-long relationships with the largest workers unions in Philadelphia, such as Steamfitters Local 420, Teamsters Health and Welfare Fund of Philadelphia and Vicinity,  Laborers District Council, the Keystone/Mountain Lakes Regional Council of Carpenters, Sheet Metal Workers Union, IBEW Electricians, and Cement Masons Union.

In 2018, Pro Support Systems also became the official orthotic provider to NFL Alumni.

He recently added UPS workers to his impressive list of patients, traveling throughout the Mid-Atlantic area to provide his custom orthotics to relieve the foot, back, and neck stress of those who work hard on their feet all day. The feedback among employees there is extremely positive, and more locations are contacting us every week. 

Dr. Small is routinely consulted as an orthotic expert for magazines, websites and TV programs, such as Golf Digest and TennisONE. He has also authored several articles himself regarding orthotics and foot pain- Serious Tennis, Tennis Life, and Women’s Basketball Magazine have all published his work.