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How Are They Crafted?


A three-layer, heat-molded insert created from the exact shape of your foot, it has:

  • A comfortable top layer that helps cushion your foot.

  • A more rigid contour rests between the inner and outer layers.

  • A firm, resilient bottom layer precision ground for durability and balance.

Custom Molded Orthosis (CMO)

Originally developed to specifically attend to all three planes of potential foot fault and imbalance, Pro Support Systems Custom Molded Orthosis (CMO) has evolved to meet some of the most demanding needs of professional athletes and patients.

The CMO is unique in offering true triplane balance with a dynamically moldable contoured footbed, and supportive bracing to re-balance the foot and leg to the plane of support.

True to its name, the CMO is customized to your foot and provides you with a variety of optional enhancements such as Adult Robert’s and Kirby Skive modifications, Morton’s extensions, and bunion flanges.

Functional Molded Orthosis (FMO)

Where more specific Bio-Mechanical Control is required, Pro Support Systems offers a polypropylene functional, a molded device with crepe heel posting (also available with forefoot posting).

  • Specify the desired shell thickness (1/8″, 5/32″, 3/16″, 1/4″)

  • Finished with our without soft full-length or sulcus-length extensions

  • Covered with a handsome Naugahyde top covering

High Risk & Special Consideration
This device is cast molded and has many of the same benefits as our CMO and AMO, but without the additional soft modifications.

High Risk and Special Considerations

For the insensitive, dysvascular, and diabetic foot types, we offer a Diabetic Molded Orthosis (DMO).  This orthosis incorporates all of the balancing aspects of the CMO and AMO with special attention to the protective/accommodative concerns of these high-risk foot types, by incorporating special padding and top cover materials. For disruptive Charcot-type foot deformities we can also incorporate special supportive bracing elements.

Digital and partial foot amputees deserve our Prosthetic Molded Orthosis (PMO).  This device embodies full length splinting to overcome toebox curling in combination with more comfortably shaped prosthetic buildups.  In addition to our soft stump interface material, we also incorporate a dynamic wedge within the build-up to further reduce stump pressure during gait.

Accommodative Molded Orthosis

In a restrictive shoe environment where less control is needed and maximum comfort is desired, the Accomodative Molded Orthosis (AMO) provides improved support and bracing of the foot through a flexible and adaptable molded orthosis without compromising the essential tri-plane balance that is the basis for our device.

As with the CMO, the AMO is fully customizable, allowing for modifications for all foot types to more comfortably fit within any type of shoe, including women’s dress pumps, and men’s dress oxfords.