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Complete the orthotic questionnaire.

Let's get started by evaluating your orthotic needs.

Do you have discomfort?
If so, when?
How would you describe the contour of your arch while sitting?
How would you describe your flexibility in general?
Lying flat on your back with your knee straight, can you raise your leg in the air one at a time without pain?
Is there a change when standing?
Select an option
How would you describe your flexibility in the ankle area?
Can you flex your ankle past a 90° right angle by bringing your toes toward your head keeping your knee straight?
Any increase with the knee bent?
Is your foot outline
Do any toe nails ever fall off from banging on the inside of the shoes?
Do your ankles bother you?
When you stand, do your ankles stay in the same position or do they roll inward?
If any toes are contracted (stay bent) can they be manually straightened?
Do your shoes fit
If yes
If yes
Do any toes have corns or sensitive skin areas on them?
Is there a sock liner and can the liner be removed from the inside of the shoe?
Do your knees bother you?
Is one leg longer than the other?
Do you have low back pain?
Are your shins (lower leg)
Do you suffer from pain in your shins?
Do you suffer from pain in your heels?

Thanks for contacting us. A representative will contact you shortly.

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